A bit about me...

My approach to teaching centres around the fact that we are all different physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only from each other, but also from day to day within ourselves. ⁠

So, I take a functional approach to teaching, understanding that there is no such thing as the 'perfect pose'. Instead, I equip my students with an understanding of the intention of each pose, how to pay attention to what is happening, and how to make adjustments according to what 'stops' them, so they gain the full benefits of each pose and enhance their practice.⁠

Practicing yoga has equipped me with tools that enhance my life. I want to bring these benefits to you - regardless of previous experience, age, race, gender or anything else. Yoga and its benefits can be for everyone, and I am passionate about bringing it to those who might think yoga 'isn't for them'. 


My teaching values


Respect for one another,

Warmth and kindness,

Authenticity to the Self,

Exploration and fun...


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