What does it mean to be a yoga teacher? My 5 teaching values...

Hey guys. So if you're new to my website and my teaching, you might find it helpful to know more about what my yoga teaching stands for. Below I outline my 5 main values. ⠀

1. Inclusivity 🌈

The positive effects of yoga can be experienced by everyone, regardless of age, race, sexuality, size, income, gender, disability, experience level, or anything else. It is a myth that yoga is just for 'flexible people' or 'people who have a high income'. Yoga can and should be open to all, in line with its fundamental teachings. My approach to teaching is therefore to create an inclusive & positive environment for students to enjoy their practice.⠀

2. Respect for one another ✌️

In no world is yoga supposed to be about competition or negativity. In my classes, we do not tolerate any kind of disrespect for one another. I also encourage you to show respect to yourself by not pushing beyond your limits (which can lead to injury) or engaging in negative self-talk.⠀

3. Warmth and kindness ❤️

In my opinion, a good teacher shows their student the way with kindness and warmth. I do not believe in using disparaging comments as a way of 'motivating' students. When you enter my yoga class, I am here as your trusted guide, helping you with positivity and encouragement along your way.⠀

4. Authenticity to the Self 👌

Too often, yoga is cast off as 'for hippies' or 'just not me'. It's understandable why this trope has come about, given yoga's popularisation and commercialisation in the West over the past few decades. However, if we go back to yoga's humble roots in India, yogis were fundamentally the most grounded and authentic of people, since yoga philosophy teaches us to rid ourselves of our ego's influence and act in line with our true nature. I bring this to my classes, being my authentic self as a teacher, and encouraging you to do the same. No singing or hand-holding necessary.⠀

5. Exploration and fun 🤸

What is the attraction of doing anything with your precious time unless it's fun? In my classes, we don't take things too seriously. Have a laugh, a joke, it's okay. Play around, explore, see what feels good. I am here to guide you.⠀

What does YOUR yoga stand for? Let me know in the comments

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